About Karanvir

From a high school drop-out to a promising entrepreneur. Karan’s story is state out of bollywood.

Karan Vir Arora,a Mumbai-based comics expert, is the writer, publisher as well as conceptual director of Vimanika Comics, which is the first Indian publisher with a presence in the US. His mission is to take on the super heroes of the west. With more than seven years experience in the training industry, Arora wants to bring to life the stories and characters created by his publication house though animated and action films, merchandising, theme parks etc.

About Vimanika Comics

Vimanika Comics is an Award Winning Indian Comics Company,Vimanika Comics with its Head office located In Mumbai & Philidelphia(USA) and Studio in Delhi . The company currently houses an extremely energized and talented team of writers and award Artists.

Awards & Accolades:-

1) CNBC TV 18 & Animation Xpress Golden Cursor Award for the best comics in India 2009.
2) Proud Finalists of the Manthan Awards –in the category- E-culture & E- heritage.
3) First Associate sponsors of the first India Comic con in Delhi ,India
4) Vimanika Comics is the first Indian comics publisher in the USA.
5)Vimanika Comics-I am Kalki Title has won the Best Cover Comic Con India Awards 2011.
6)Vimanika Comics –Shiva The Legends of the Immortal Book I was nominated for the best Graphic Novel India Comic con India awards 2011.

Main areas of focus as follows:-

A) To mainly create stories In Comics & Graphic Novel formats based on characters related to the Indian mythology, but that is where the similarity ends. The characters will portray to our readers a large number of virtues that were considered common during that era, but are looked upon with amazement and fear in today’s world.

B) Each story will have a moral in it, thus helping us to teach our readers and entertain them as well.

C) The stories and the characters created by Vimanika will be brought to life through animated films, live action films, games, merchandising, toys, theme parks and much more.
Vimanika along with its most creative minds will provide the readers with extraordinary work which will be cherished by them.
Vimanika Comics & Tshirts are now distributed in India,Mayalasia/ USA and U.K