The first novel in what is anticipated to be a bestselling series takes us on a journey into two different worlds; worlds both torn by misfortune and both worlds waiting for a leader.

After earning accolades for her service to the sage Durvasa, long before the Mahabharata, a young Kunti receives a boon that is as powerful as immortality itself. Out of an encounter with a God is born the warrior that will change the face of humanity itself. Floating in a cradle, abandoned by his own, the young baby wearing a golden armor and earrings is picked up by a charioteer who adopts the boy as his own. The wonderful childhood, the beautiful stories of his young age and a fated encounter with his teacher Parasurama are all written in a complex yet vivid style.The clock then shifts into the current world. Turmoil grips Karan Vir, a booming entrepreneur, whose very soul is gripped by repeated nightmares that he cannot even fathom. The trouble brings him to India where a cross of paths with a mysterious Sikh makes him realize that his road is not his own after all. A startling revelation finally opens up his eyes to the wondrous destiny that awaits him.

All is not well however for far away from Earth, in a damned place, dark souls await hell-bent on vengeance and bloodbath. They were close to taking over the world but everything slipped away from their hands. They are not going to let that happen again.The glorious life of Karna – right from his mystic beginning to a divine relationship with an immortal – is all a few of the many many invaluable things in the novel. Complete with art by award winning artists, pictures of archaeological artifacts, maps and Historical/Mythic secrets that have not yet been published anywhere comes the next sensation in Indian literature.

The Warrior tells his tale through the hands of a master of the art of writing.